Term 3 Reflection

This term I have a lot of things I have never done before such as skiing for the first time, making lots of food at technology that I never made before. The best thing I did this term would have to be waking up on the last day of camp and seeing the beautifully awesome view of mount Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe if you wonder why it was so beautifully  awesome see for your self

Pretty good view eh. Another good time in the term is finding out I was getting my academic badge, my sports badge and my arts badge. You get them if you do a lot in the field of the particular area such as if you play sport with a good attitude and look after the equipment you could get your sports badge. The reason I am sooooooooooooo happy I am getting them is that if you get them (in my view) you have achieved all you will ever need or want to do and I feel my time is full and complete.

Finally the worst part of the term is knowing I have only 9 more weeks at this school until I go into the behemoth also know as college. Sigh 8 years and another 5 years of untold opportunities and learning YAY.





Yesterday, I got braces at wellington. My mum and I arrived at wellington early but it was for a good reason because there was a traffic jam from Khandallah to Courtney place which took half an hour to get through, eventually we got to the dental surgery.

When we got there we spent half an hour waiting because we were still early. When my orthodontist started installing my braces the first thing he did was put a gluey cement like substance on my teeth to attach my braces to after spending 45 minutes putting on the braces anchor he started attaching the wires and installing the expander that took around 20 minutes

After all that my braces were in for about 2 years and with that 2 years of no Toffee Pops. So because of that the first thing I will do when my braces are removed is buy a packet of Toffee Pops . (and eat them all)

The Popes (The complete list)

  1. St. Peter (32-67)
  2. St. Linus (67-76)
  3. St. Anacletus (Cletus) (76-88)
  4. St. Clement I (88-97)
  5. St. Evaristus (97-105)
  6. St. Alexander I (105-115)
  7. St. Sixtus I (115-125) Also called Xystus I
  8. St. Telesphorus (125-136)
  9. St. Hyginus (136-140)
  10. St. Pius I (140-155)
  11. St. Anicetus (155-166)
  12. St. Soter (166-175)
  13. St. Eleutherius (175-189)
  14. St. Victor I (189-199)
  15. St. Zephyrinus (199-217)
  16. St. Callistus I (217-22) Callistus and the following three popes were opposed by St. Hippolytus, antipope (217-236)
  17. St. Urban I (222-30)
  18. St. Pontain (230-35)
  19. St. Anterus (235-36)
  20. St. Fabian (236-50)
  21. St. Cornelius (251-53) Opposed by Novatian, antipope (251)
  22. St. Lucius I (253-54)
  23. St. Stephen I (254-257)
  24. St. Sixtus II (257-258)
  25. St. Dionysius (260-268)
  26. St. Felix I (269-274)
  27. St. Eutychian (275-283)
  28. St. Caius (283-296) Also called Gaius
  29. St. Marcellinus (296-304)
  30. St. Marcellus I (308-309)
  31. St. Eusebius (309 or 310)
  32. St. Miltiades (311-14)
  33. St. Sylvester I (314-35)
  34. St. Marcus (336)
  35. St. Julius I (337-52)
  36. Liberius (352-66) Opposed by Felix II, antipope (355-365)
  37. St. Damasus I (366-83) Opposed by Ursicinus, antipope (366-367)
  38. St. Siricius (384-99)
  39. St. Anastasius I (399-401)
  40. St. Innocent I (401-17)
  41. St. Zosimus (417-18)
  42. St. Boniface I (418-22) Opposed by Eulalius, antipope (418-419)
  43. St. Celestine I (422-32)
  44. St. Sixtus III (432-40)
  45. St. Leo I (the Great) (440-61)
  46. St. Hilarius (461-68)
  47. St. Simplicius (468-83)
  48. St. Felix III (II) (483-92)
  49. St. Gelasius I (492-96)
  50. Anastasius II (496-98)
  51. St. Symmachus (498-514) Opposed by Laurentius, antipope (498-501)
  52. St. Hormisdas (514-23)
  53. St. John I (523-26)
  54. St. Felix IV (III) (526-30)
  55. Boniface II (530-32) Opposed by Dioscorus, antipope (530)
  56. John II (533-35)
  57. St. Agapetus I (535-36) Also called Agapitus I
  58. St. Silverius (536-37)
  59. Vigilius (537-55)
  60. Pelagius I (556-61)
  61. John III (561-74)
  62. Benedict I (575-79)
  63. Pelagius II (579-90)
  64. St. Gregory I (the Great) (590-604)
  65. Sabinian (604-606)
  66. Boniface III (607)
  67. St. Boniface IV (608-15)
  68. St. Deusdedit (Adeodatus I) (615-18)
  69. Boniface V (619-25)
  70. Honorius I (625-38)
  71. Severinus (640)
  72. John IV (640-42)
  73. Theodore I (642-49)
  74. St. Martin I (649-55)
  75. St. Eugene I (655-57)
  76. St. Vitalian (657-72)
  77. Adeodatus (II) (672-76)
  78. Donus (676-78)
  79. St. Agatho (678-81)
  80. St. Leo II (682-83)
  81. St. Benedict II (684-85)
  82. John V (685-86)
  83. Conon (686-87)
  84. St. Sergius I (687-701) Opposed by Theodore and Paschal, antipopes (687)
  85. John VI (701-05)
  86. John VII (705-07)
  87. Sisinnius (708)
  88. Constantine (708-15)
  89. St. Gregory II (715-31)
  90. St. Gregory III (731-41)
  91. St. Zachary (741-52)
  92. Stephen II (752) Because he died before being consecrated, many authoritative lists omit him
  93. Stephen III (752-57)
  94. St. Paul I (757-67)
  95. Stephen IV (767-72) Opposed by Constantine II (767) and Philip (768), antipopes(767)
  96. Adrian I (772-95)
  97. St. Leo III (795-816)
  98. Stephen V (816-17)
  99. St. Paschal I (817-24)
  100. Eugene II (824-27)
  101. Valentine (827)
  102. Gregory IV (827-44)
  103. Sergius II (844-47) Opposed by John, antipope (855)
  104. St. Leo IV (847-55)
  105. Benedict III (855-58) Opposed by Anastasius, antipope (855)
  106. St. Nicholas I (the Great) (858-67)
  107. Adrian II (867-72)
  108. John VIII (872-82)
  109. Marinus I (882-84)
  110. St. Adrian III (884-85)
  111. Stephen VI (885-91)
  112. Formosus (891-96)
  113. Boniface VI (896)
  114. Stephen VII (896-97)
  115. Romanus (897)
  116. Theodore II (897)
  117. John IX (898-900)
  118. Benedict IV (900-03)
  119. Leo V (903) Opposed by Christopher, antipope (903-904)
  120. Sergius III (904-11)
  121. Anastasius III (911-13)
  122. Lando (913-14)
  123. John X (914-28)
  124. Leo VI (928)
  125. Stephen VIII (929-31)
  126. John XI (931-35)
  127. Leo VII (936-39)
  128. Stephen IX (939-42)
  129. Marinus II (942-46)
  130. Agapetus II (946-55)
  131. John XII (955-63)
  132. Leo VIII (963-64)
  133. Benedict V (964)
  134. John XIII (965-72)
  135. Benedict VI (973-74)
  136. Benedict VII (974-83) Benedict and John XIV were opposed by Boniface VII, antipope(974; 984-985)
  137. John XIV (983-84)
  138. John XV (985-96)
  139. Gregory V (996-99) Opposed by John XVI, antipope (997-998)
  140. Sylvester II (999-1003)
  141. John XVII (1003)
  142. John XVIII (1003-09)
  143. Sergius IV (1009-12)
  144. Benedict VIII (1012-24) Opposed by Gregory, antipope (1012)
  145. John XIX (1024-32)
  146. Benedict IX (1032-45) He appears on this list three separate times, because he was twice deposed and restored
  147. Sylvester III (1045) Considered by some to be an antipope
  148. Benedict IX (1045)
  149. Gregory VI (1045-46)
  150. Clement II (1046-47)
  151. Benedict IX (1047-48)
  152. Damasus II (1048)
  153. St. Leo IX (1049-54)
  154. Victor II (1055-57)
  155. Stephen X (1057-58)
  156. Nicholas II (1058-61) Opposed by Benedict X, antipope (1058)
  157. Alexander II (1061-73) Opposed by Honorius II, antipope (1061-1072)
  158. St. Gregory VII (1073-85) Gregory and the following three popes were opposed byGuibert (“Clement III”), antipope (1080-1100)
  159. Blessed Victor III (1086-87)
  160. Blessed Urban II (1088-99)
  161. Paschal II (1099-1118) Opposed by Theodoric (1100), Aleric (1102) and Maginulf (“Sylvester IV”, 1105-1111), antipopes (1100)
  162. Gelasius II (1118-19) Opposed by Burdin (“Gregory VIII”), antipope (1118)
  163. Callistus II (1119-24)
  164. Honorius II (1124-30) Opposed by Celestine II, antipope (1124)
  165. Innocent II (1130-43) Opposed by Anacletus II (1130-1138) and Gregory Conti (“Victor IV”) (1138), antipopes (1138)
  166. Celestine II (1143-44)
  167. Lucius II (1144-45)
  168. Blessed Eugene III (1145-53)
  169. Anastasius IV (1153-54)
  170. Adrian IV (1154-59)
  171. Alexander III (1159-81) Opposed by Octavius (“Victor IV”) (1159-1164), Pascal III(1165-1168), Callistus III (1168-1177) and Innocent III (1178-1180), antipopes
  172. Lucius III (1181-85)
  173. Urban III (1185-87)
  174. Gregory VIII (1187)
  175. Clement III (1187-91)
  176. Celestine III (1191-98)
  177. Innocent III (1198-1216)
  178. Honorius III (1216-27)
  179. Gregory IX (1227-41)
  180. Celestine IV (1241)
  181. Innocent IV (1243-54)
  182. Alexander IV (1254-61)
  183. Urban IV (1261-64)
  184. Clement IV (1265-68)
  185. Blessed Gregory X (1271-76)
  186. Blessed Innocent V (1276)
  187. Adrian V (1276)
  188. John XXI (1276-77)
  189. Nicholas III (1277-80)
  190. Martin IV (1281-85)
  191. Honorius IV (1285-87)
  192. Nicholas IV (1288-92)
  193. St. Celestine V (1294)
  194. Boniface VIII (1294-1303)
  195. Blessed Benedict XI (1303-04)
  196. Clement V (1305-14)
  197. John XXII (1316-34) Opposed by Nicholas V, antipope (1328-1330)
  198. Benedict XII (1334-42)
  199. Clement VI (1342-52)
  200. Innocent VI (1352-62)
  201. Blessed Urban V (1362-70)
  202. Gregory XI (1370-78)
  203. Urban VI (1378-89) Opposed by Robert of Geneva (“Clement VII”), antipope (1378-1394)
  204. Boniface IX (1389-1404) Opposed by Robert of Geneva (“Clement VII”) (1378-1394),Pedro de Luna (“Benedict XIII”) (1394-1417) and Baldassare Cossa (“John XXIII”) (1400-1415), antipopes
  205. Innocent VII (1404-06) Opposed by Pedro de Luna (“Benedict XIII”) (1394-1417) andBaldassare Cossa (“John XXIII”) (1400-1415), antipopes
  206. Gregory XII (1406-15) Opposed by Pedro de Luna (“Benedict XIII”) (1394-1417),Baldassare Cossa (“John XXIII”) (1400-1415), and Pietro Philarghi (“Alexander V”) (1409-1410), antipopes
  207. Martin V (1417-31)
  208. Eugene IV (1431-47) Opposed by Amadeus of Savoy (“Felix V”), antipope (1439-1449)
  209. Nicholas V (1447-55)
  210. Callistus III (1455-58)
  211. Pius II (1458-64)
  212. Paul II (1464-71)
  213. Sixtus IV (1471-84)
  214. Innocent VIII (1484-92)
  215. Alexander VI (1492-1503)
  216. Pius III (1503)
  217. Julius II (1503-13)
  218. Leo X (1513-21)
  219. Adrian VI (1522-23)
  220. Clement VII (1523-34)
  221. Paul III (1534-49)
  222. Julius III (1550-55)
  223. Marcellus II (1555)
  224. Paul IV (1555-59)
  225. Pius IV (1559-65)
  226. St. Pius V (1566-72)
  227. Gregory XIII (1572-85)
  228. Sixtus V (1585-90)
  229. Urban VII (1590)
  230. Gregory XIV (1590-91)
  231. Innocent IX (1591)
  232. Clement VIII (1592-1605)
  233. Leo XI (1605)
  234. Paul V (1605-21)
  235. Gregory XV (1621-23)
  236. Urban VIII (1623-44)
  237. Innocent X (1644-55)
  238. Alexander VII (1655-67)
  239. Clement IX (1667-69)
  240. Clement X (1670-76)
  241. Blessed Innocent XI (1676-89)
  242. Alexander VIII (1689-91)
  243. Innocent XII (1691-1700)
  244. Clement XI (1700-21)
  245. Innocent XIII (1721-24)
  246. Benedict XIII (1724-30)
  247. Clement XII (1730-40)
  248. Benedict XIV (1740-58)
  249. Clement XIII (1758-69)
  250. Clement XIV (1769-74)
  251. Pius VI (1775-99)
  252. Pius VII (1800-23)
  253. Leo XII (1823-29)
  254. Pius VIII (1829-30)
  255. Gregory XVI (1831-46)
  256. Blessed Pius IX (1846-78)
  257. Leo XIII (1878-1903)
  258. St. Pius X (1903-14)
  259. Benedict XV (1914-22)
  260. Pius XI (1922-39)
  261. Pius XII (1939-58)
  262. Blessed John XXIII (1958-63)
  263. Paul VI (1963-78)
  264. John Paul I (1978)
  265. John Paul II (1978-2005)
  266. Benedict XVI (2005—)

Solar Power (My opinion)


People of the interweb. Today I am discussing the pros and cons of solar power. On the surface yes it is a good source of power it will never run out (well it will in 5 billion years when the sun dies) and solar panels are getting cheaper but it requires a lot of them and at the moment it is a bit expensive. But it is still a good source of power and the panels do last for awhile so at the moment it is a good choice but there is something that (in my opinion) better….

Kerbal Space Program

Has it been your dream to be an astronaut?
Has it been your dream to design space ships?
Then this is the game for you!

Impossible you say well NO this game is the one the only Kerbal Space Program. The best Part is that is educational. Why you may ask here are the reasons:

1. Physics

2. Gravity

3. Rocket Science

All fun and games you may think? Well if you make it to powerful it will spin out of control and if you put to little power it will not get off the ground. Also if you are willing to pay 18.00 YOU will be able to build space planes ad with the 1.6.4 update you can walk on the MOON. (Well in the games it’s the Mun but still it’s a copy of the moon). Including any future updates which may include… well who knows maybe it will be space stations or maybe even star ships. With this game the sky is quite literally the limit!

If you have any other questions just ask.


The Good and Bad of Nuclear Power

These days’ people talk about a future energy crisis. While that may come one day we must find different more powerful way of generating electricity. An existing source that produces a heap of power is nuclear power. Some people may say “its bad for the environment” “it kills the earth”. Well you’re wrong. Nuclear Power does NOT kill the earth its self the way it is harmful is when people don’t dispose of it properly causing the said disaster. So yes it does have the potential to cause a disaster ill admit that but it CAN cause disasters not WILL cause disaters.

Term Reflection

This term I have done a lot of things, but the hardest would have to have been making a box at the Paraparaumu collage woodworking for my manual training.

The hardest part would have to be making the draft with wood and glue it took me a good 2 sessions to stick it together SO FRUSTRATING. But I eventually I stuck it together with HEAPS of masking tape! In hindsight I should have used nails.

The best thing would be the I.C.A.S science test. It may have been hard but the only thing you need is a limited knowledge of science and common sense. I short it was very FUN. I just hope I did well.

In short the term was a pretty good term and I have another 2 probably GREAT terms to go!

Old Man

Just sitting there.  Maybe waiting for something or someone. Looking through into your soul. I wonder what is going through his head, is he going to ask me something? I do not know. He must be wise and have many experiences and some of them must have had lessons in them. He seems about to burst into a smile and any type of smiles can light up a day.

Weekly Reflection Week 6 Term 2 2012

This week the biggest challenge would have to have been French because I was never good with other languages. The vowels are too hard to pronounce and my mouth is not able to produce the needed sounds. But I am getting better but it is still very hard to learn. The best thing I have done this week is reading at the welcome assembly I am not very good with public speaking and I normally never want to do it.



What is this you may ask this is a Dalek what is a Dalek you may ask well I will tell you. Before they were Daleks they were called the Kaleds on the planet Skaro the lived in peace until one day a war broke out with there planetary neighbours the Thals. After years of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons The Thals evolved into physical perfection while the Daleks devolved in to the second picture. Then a Kaled professor  Davros mutated some Kaled into creatures that thought that every other race was below them and should be Exterminated. He also Invented a machine to transport them were ever they needed. Soon every Kaled was devolved into a Dalek and went about conquering the galaxy. In doing this he annoyed the time lords who attempted to stop them being created. The Daleks found out about it and declared war on the time lords an started the great Time war. This war was fought across time and the time lords time locked it so it could not be tampered with by the Daleks who have developed there own time travel. The war ended and all the Dalek were dead and there was only one time lord left the Doctor….

Term one Reflection

This term there have been many challenges. But the one that was the hardest would have to be making my hat at technology. My first problem with it was that my first idea was deemed unfeasible and I had to redesign my hat. After redesigning my hat I started making it but i forgot to put down the presser foot and i ruined some of the hat’s seam. So after fixing the seam i finished the hat. The thing I learned from that would to always have to have a plan B or you will take a long time to redesign.

Book talk Blitzed Brits by terry derry

Do you like reading about world war two? Do you hate it when the history books leave out all the gory bits? Then this is the book for you! In this book you can find puny posters, quirky quizzes and also learn about ginormus gas bags, adventurous evacuees and the true story of wartime Britain. Impossible you say? Well here it is! Fresh from the desk of its worrible writer Terry Derry.

Quirky History Quiz Week One

Q1. Where was gum invented?

Q2.  What did Roman legionaries use instead of toilet paper?

Q3. Was there ever Dog land mines?

Q4. In Rome did slaves scrape oil of the back of the masters?

Q5.  Is there a country called Sealand?

Q6. What was the Biggest empire of all time?

Q7 What is the first movie with sound?

Quiz master Connor



Founding Document of the Soverincey

I King Connor The first of the Kingdom of cheaseland here by declare that To my last breath this kingdom will be free and will be all shall be equal and all shall be treated as they shall want to be treated. This state shall be free democratic monarchy were every human will get a fair say in the country

Long live the King


How to

How to upload to you tube


Step One Make a Video in windows movie maker


Step two save it as a movie


Step three click on upload


Step four find movie


Step five wait for it to upload


Step six change name and add description


Done !!!



Pros of Blogging

The pros of blogging are basically lots of stuff you can share stuff with your friends and write you opinion. You can also share news, show videos and put in links to interesting sites and you can also leave your opinion on other people’s blogs. I like blogging because I can share my knowledge with the world.


Palmerston North


With the mist rising from the city at dawn the day at the river begun. With people from all trades come down to the river for a day of fun, swimming and excitement. The cool river cooled you down after a fantastic day of sport and games at the parks that lined down the river. Then after a long day of amusement and adventure the sun goes down over the Manuatu River.

What is your favourite Store

Everyone likes shopping right? There is a wide range of them either you like spending hours in them or a few minutes finding what you like. Some people only want to go to the shops when there are sales. You may say “I don’t like shopping” but deep down we all like shopping. So even if you “don’t like shopping” what is your store that makes it fun!!

1.2 Update

The 1.2 update adds:

Jungle biomes, they are nearly 100% trees with heaps of vines and a new type of vine which you can climb.

Cats, to tame them stand really still and feed them fish then they will follow you. (Like wolves)

Fireballs, throw them and it is similar to flint and tinder except with longer range.

Ocelots, like a cat but can be hostile

New dispenser texture, like a gasping face

Bridges, in abandoned mines going across crevices

What would you like to be added in 1.3?

Should they update the free version?

Also what is better the original texture or different ones?



Car were first made by Karl Benz But those only had 3 wheels and they had no roofs. In 133 years they came a long way I think they are good because without them it will take you 10 minutes to go 1 kilometer. Another good thing is because of they trucks started appearing so thing get along much faster around a country. Another good thing about it is it drives people to develop more environmentally friendly machines .Please leave a comment about what you feel about cars and if there good or bad.









My favourite place to go to in the south island is Christchurch. Those aftershocks seem to be slowing down so it seems safe to go there. The three best places to go to in Christchurch are the International Antarctic Centre, the Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum and the Christchurch Art Gallery. My favorite place out of these three is the Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum you can fly a mosquito bomber simulator, go on a tour of a ww2 air base complete with aircraft hanger accommodation for ww2 aircraft crew. Here is a link to the to the Air Force Museum,the International Antarctic Center and the Art Gallery.





Minecraft is a game were you can make almost anything. From mine carts to door to another dimension. There are also updates for it so you can make planes, magic sticks and even Roman armour and swords. The only bad part about it is it costs about 30.00 New Zealand Dollars and when the full version is released it will cost 40.00 dollars.but there is a free version on the creators website it is out dated but free. So if you want to buy the newest version and save $10.00 I would buy it now.The thing I like the most about it is that you can mine so deep if you go deep enough you can find gold diamonds and lava.(But dig carefully or you mite fall into lava)

Buy it here or play it for free here 

Bloons Tower Defence 4

Bloons tower defence 4 is a game when you have to stop the bloons from getting from the start to the end of the path. The types of bloons are red, blue, green and yellow. The special bloons are the rainbow bloon which when popped it will release a random mixture of red, blue, green and yellow bloons .The camouflage bloon can only be popped when it is detected by the monkey beacon, the spy plane upgrade and the watch tower upgrade. Next is the lead bloon, which can only be destroyed by the bomb tower and the mortar tower. The two hardest bloons to pop is the Moab which when pops releases a mixture of special bloons .The hardest bloon to pop is the B.F.B which when pops releases 5 Moab .The best places to play the game is on Mochi games or on Ninja kiwi (The makers of the game)


Henry hatter

Copy of H Day 022I’m Henry hatter I live in wellington and I own Henry’s hat shop on Cuba Street. I sell all types of hat’s from caps to sun hats any hat you want we have it here. The thing I love the most is hats! I have a wardrobe full of them! The thing I hate the most is hoddies I hate them they are a mocker to hats everywhere. I believe the world will end in 4 billon years when the sun blows up.

The Fly That Never Died

One night not very long ago I was about to go to bed, Then a horse fly appeared. It was huge. It was as big as my smallest finger, it was hairy and its eyes were as red as blood. Its buzzing was like a propeller on an old bomber. I hit it with a book, no use, it just kept flying around and buzzing. Then I tried another book…..hardcover! But still no affect it just kept flying and buzzing. So then I had no choice I had to use the decisive weapon against bugs…..fly spray! I sprayed it, but horror of horrors, it did not fall down!


I wondered how to exterminate the fly. I wondered for about an hour, all that time the fly kept buzzing and flying kept buzzing and flying. Finally after an hour while I was thinking of another way to eradicate the fly….It flew out the window! Then I yelled “what after all that, it just flew out the window!”

After that outburst I was happy I could finally fall asleep.


If you visit Paraparaumu which is near were I live here are some places you would want to visit: If you were a shopper the best place to go would be coastlands It has heaps of shops, if you like rare birds you could always go to the Kapiti island reserve. Paraparaumu is about 45 minutes away from our capital Wellington. One of  the unique things I love the most about is that the district that Paraparaumu is in has its own ice cream company!

Earth Hour

For the challenge this week the global event is Earth hour I am amazed how many people across the world did it I found out that that giant statue in Rio. The thing I did for it was turn every thing except the fridge, because I didn’t want my food to go bad. But I did enjoy it being dark when I went to bed.

Conas a Scríobh Post i Teanga Éagsúla

Mar sin, cuid de na daoine sa blogging dúshlán a cheapann … conas tá mé ag dul a scríobh an bpost i dteanga eile? Bhuel, tá sé seo conas a dhéanann tú é:

oscailte tú doiciméad focal Microsoft. Scríobh scéal a sheiceáil go léir ar an litriú agus gramadach. Ansin, ach amháin i mo dhoiciméid. Tar éis á dhéanamh sin, téigh ar aghaidh go dtí google.com, agus cliceáil ar Google aistriú, agus ansin cliceáil an doiciméad a aistriú.  Aimsigh é i mo doiciméid, agus ansin cliceáil ar an teanga tá tú ag aistriú as, agus ansin roghnaigh an teanga is mian leat a aistriú go dtí. Tar éis é seo ar fad, cliceáil ar aistriú. Ansin cóip an scéal a aistriú agus é a chóipeáil ar do bhlag.


How to Write a Post in a Different Language

So some of the people in the blogging challenge may think … how I am going to write a post in a different language? Well this is how you do it:

You open a Microsoft word document. Write a story it check all the spelling and grammar. Then save in my documents. After doing that, go on to google.com and click on Google translate, then click translate document. Find it in my documents, and then click what language you are translating it from and then choose what language you want to translate it to. After doing all of this, click translate. Then copy the translated story and copy it on to your blog using this method I am going to is post this on to my blog in a different language.



Wikipedia is the best online encyclopaedia IN the world and there will never be a better one. It has a page for any topic you want. There is also smaller wikis (Wikipedias) .The best thing you can do is that you can even make your own pages about your topics and you can also make your own wikis.To sum up Wikipedia is the best online encyclopaedia ever!

Prime and Composite Numbers

This post is about prime and composite numbers first I will explain what a prime number is:A prime number is basically a number that can be divided by it’s self.Now I will talk about composite numbers:A composite number can be divided by more than more than two numbers.

It took me a while to work this out my self but I hope you under stand it now.

The World Encyclopedia Of Tanks and Armored Fighting Vehicles

The world encyclopaedia of tanks and armoured fighting vehicles has been my favourite book.

Ever since I first saw it at the library I knew it was great.


This book has 400 vehicles and personally I think that is a lot. And for every vehicle it has 1, 2, or three pictures so in total there is 1200! Some of the vehicles in the book are ugly, some are weak and some are the most powerful vehicles ever. So in short this is the best book ever!

Egyptian Dictator Was Over Throne

In Egypt as the title says some Egyptian dictator was over throne a few days ago .But afterwards the army took control.They have set up a  council .They say that they will give power to the people.but still the people  do not think that they will not get control .I think that the army will give over control . Because that is how the old dictator got in control.

Maths Words


Mean is the total of number divided of the total of numbers .If you don’t get it here it is:
5+5+5+5=20 and 20 divided 4 is 5 did you get it ?


Mode is the number that appears most frequently if you don’t get it here it is:
1,1,2,3,5,4,7,8,1,1,2,2,4 the mode is 1 get it ?


The medium is the middle number if you don’t get it here it is:
452172 so the Medium is 1 get it ?

What I least liked the most in oz

The thing I least liked the least in oz was when I went on a ride called the green room. It wasn’t a bad ride but it was really scary .When you start of it seems fine it seems calm but then you the raft went straight down I nearly vomited after I went on it.

Good Blogs

Here is three blogs that I like and some reasons why.

Ambernathee’s blog

This is a good blog because it just doesn’t have a single type of post it has a big range.

Art n articles

This is a good blog because it  does a lot of things about books and I love books.

Emma’s blog

This blog  just started but its appearance and posts are really great.

If you want to go to any of these blogs they are on my blog roll.

“The great Marianas Turkey Shoot”

the battle of the Philippine sea also known as The great Marianas turkey shoot was a battle near the Mariana islands on June 19–20, 1944.It was fought between the United States Navy’s Fifth Fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet.The us navy had 15 carriers,7 battleships,79 other ships,28 submarines and 956 planes.the Japanese had  9 carriers,5 battleships,43 other ships and 750 planes.The us navy lost 123 planes(about 80 of whose crews survived).The Japanese navy lost 3 carriers,
2 oilers,about 600 planes and 6 other ships were heavily damaged.

It was called The great Marianas Turkey Shoot because the outdated Japanese planes were easily shot down by the modern us fighters

The Atlantic Wall

The Atlantic wall was made by Nazi Germany. It is a massive line of forts and bunkers. Construction began in 1942 and ended in 1944. Hitler ordered it to be made after the St. Nazaire Raid.Thousands of forced laborers were forced to construct these permanent fortifications along the Dutch, Belgian and French coasts facing the English Channel.Early in 1944 Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was put in command was assigned to improve the Wall’s defences. This is a map that will tell you how long it is:

Atlantik wall

But Normandy in France was not fortified enough and the allies broke through and in a year the allies won.

Airbus A380

Airbus A380

The airbus a380 is currently the worlds biggest aircraft.It’s powered by four Rolls Royce Trent 900 turbofans.The engine is so powerful it powers the factory were it was made.The first airline to use it was Singapore airlines.

It was so big airbus had to make make sections of it in different parts of Europe here is a map of were it went:

were th a380 went The pieces came from allot of different places do you agree?555 people can fit in to this aircraft more than it’s competitor’s aircraft the Boeing company’s 747.In my view it is one of the best airplanes of the 21st century.

Why you should visit my blog!!!

You may be wondering why you should visit my blog well here are some reasons why.First you will learn heaps of things about world war two and world war one.Secondly I have links to other great blogs.

Third I will be putting animoto slide shows soon.Here are the reasons to go to my blog.Just so you know this is part of the student blogging challenge 1.



The Fuso is a japanese battleship.Fuso is a old name for Japan.This is its armor:

Belt: 203 to 305 mm (8 to 12 in) (amidships); 100 to 127 mm (4 to 5 in) (bow);100 mm (4 in) (stern).Deck: 27 to 52 mm (1 to 2 in).Bulkheads: 100 to 305 mm (4 to 12 in).Turrets: 203 to 305 mm (8 to 12 in).Conning Tower: 152 to 305 mm (6 to 12 in).Its weapons are:As Built: 12 × 356 mm (14 in)/45 cal guns, 16 × 356 mm (14 in)/50 cal guns, 12 × 12-pounder (76 mm (3 in)) guns, 4 × 12-pounder (76 mm (3 in)) AA guns, 4 × 6.5 mm (0.26 in) machine guns, 6 × submerged 356 mm (14 in) torpedo tubes

By WWII: 12 × 356 mm (14 in)/45 cal guns, 16 × 152 mm (6 in) guns, 8 × 127 mm (5 in) DP guns, up to 95 × 25 mm (1 in) AA guns, up to 10 × 13.2 mm (0.52 in) AA machine guns

I like the Fuso because it has lots of guns.





King tiger

king tiger

The king tiger is a German tank first seen in action on the 11th of  July in the Normandy region of France.Its armor is 25–180 mm (1–7 in).Its primary armerment  is 1× 8.8 cm KwK 43 L/71
“Porsche” turret: 80 rounds,Production turret: 86 rounds.Its secondary armament is 2× 7.92 mm mg34  5,850 rounds.It is on of the best tanks of world war 2.



yamatoThe yamato was a  Japanese battleship launched on the 8 of August 1940.Here is its armaments:

9 × 46 cm (18.1 in) (3×3)
12 x 155 mm (6.1 in) (4×3)
12 × 127 millimetres (5.0 in)
24 × 25 millimetres (0.98 in) (8×3)
4 × 13.2 millimetres (0.52 in) AA (2×2)
9 × 46 cm (18.1 in) (3×3)
6 × 155 mm (6.1 in) (2×3)
24 × 127 mm (5.0 in)
162 × 25 mm (0.98 in) Anti-Aircraft (52×3, 6×1)
4 × 13.2 mm (0.52 in) AA (2×2)

The ship was named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province.I is my favourite battle ship because it was one of the biggest battle ship ever made.

Favourite movies

When I was sitting in a movie cinema watching a movie I wondered what my favourite movie of time was.I thought of the hundreds of movies I saw.It took me another hour to find out.Then I remembered it was star wars episode IV.If you have a favourite movie tell me in the comments.