My favourite place to go to in the south island is Christchurch. Those aftershocks seem to be slowing down so it seems safe to go there. The three best places to go to in Christchurch are the International Antarctic Centre, the Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum and the Christchurch Art Gallery. My favorite place out of these three is the Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum you can fly a mosquito bomber simulator, go on a tour of a ww2 air base complete with aircraft hanger accommodation for ww2 aircraft crew. Here is a link to the to the Air Force Museum,the International Antarctic Center and the Art Gallery.




4 thoughts on “Christchurch

  1. Connor:

    Like many people, I am relieved that the aftershocks seem to be calming down. If you are really unsure, follow #NZEQ on Twitter, or get Miss T to do this.

    Appreciated the pointers to the art gallery and the air force museum.

    Think you convinced me why the Air Museum was your favourite place in Christchurch.

    (The International Antarctic Centre is intriguing! Of course Christchurch is very close to the tip of Antarctica: east or west?)

    I like the picture very much: does it have an attribution.

  2. Connor
    I wonder, are you sure these places are still open and taking visitors? These would certainly have been great before the quake, but did you check out are they still open and ready for visitors?
    Adelaide asks about attribution for the photo and I am wondering the same thing.
    Miss T

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  4. Hey Connor!
    My name is Jessica and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. I have never heard of Christchurch before, but your post shows that it is very interesting and has a lot to offer. I can see why it is your favorite place to visit. It looks like such a big and beautiful building. I will have to check out your links to learn more!

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