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  1. Hi Connor

    When I first watched the video we thought that you made the world. What have you made in Minecraft though, and what is your connection to this server and all this stuff?

    Also I think you walked around just opening doors without closing them. Could you let that dog out or let any type on monster in? Or is that just creative mode?

    Have you ever started sheering sheep?

    I am creating a world like that in Pocket Edition, what are you creating at the moment? I would like to make an entire room totally made out of chests!

    Enjoy your minecraft, and I’d like to see you make a stopmotion video!


  2. Antonio
    Yes this map was not by me it was made by a guy called DasChimp.I have made a few castles, two or three boats, a big lab and a Huge house.
    This is not a server it is a single player map lot harder to make a server on a computer it takes a lot of RAM and a fair bit of internet time.I didn’t use doors because they were all open from when
    I went through it before I made the video.You can made the dog go but i did not have a bone (bones make it move).I could but if i put a monster spawner some of them can blow up the house and the video is not creative.


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